Meet the Flamingo!

picoFlamingo is a portable presentation solution initially developed for the BeagleBoard and picoDLP projector. The project can be considered a reduced version of Priscila, a GNU/Linux based presentation system that defines the presentation slides in a 3D space.

In order to make the system fully portable, it is controlled remotely using a Bluetooth or Wifi capable device. Currently supported devices are:

  • Any PC laptop
  • Symbian S60 device running S60Python (a Nokia N70 will be used)
  • OpenMoko free phone taking advantage of the touch screen (and soon accelerometers).
  • Android 1.5 mobile phones (coming soon new Android versions)

Support the Flamingo!

You can donate to the project to help us to support more hardware!

How it works?

A typical use of picoFlamingo is as follows:
  • Switch on your picoFlamingo.
  • Connect it to your computer. It will appear as an external removable drive
  • Copy your presentation media to picoFlamingo Removable Drive in your desktop
  • Switch it off and go to your presentation
  • Some time later...
  • Connect the picoDLP and switch the system on. A nice welcome screen will be shown.
  • Activate bluetooth in your OpenMoko and launch the remote control application
  • Start your presentation. Use the touch screen interface to go to next and previous slides
  • Use the touch screen interface to select object manipulation. Move your OpenMoko around to modify the 3D orientation of the selected 3D object, or select a new one
  • Use the touch screen interface to switch the system off

What it does!

the features below are currently available on "The cracking egg".
  • Portable presentation system using projector (picoDLP) or any DVI-D capable device
  • Sequential slide navigation
  • Automatic (slide show) slide navigation
  • 3D slides. The slide components are placed in a 3D space
  • 3D models can be added to the slides (3DS format)
  • Live Video slide item
  • On-slide item animation in 3D space
  • Remote control of the system via Bluetooth (computer, OpenMoko, Android and Symbian S60)
  • Advanced remote control, providing user orientation control of 3D models in the slide
  • Easily extensible with new slide components
  • Runs on any OpenGL ES 2.0 linux capable system:
    • x86 (using MESA or proprietary GLES emulators)
    • ARM (BeagleBoard, OMAP ZoomII, Blaze,...)
  • Frambuffer and X11 versions
The features below are still under development:
  • 3D model orientation control using device accelerometers
  • USB Massive Storage Interface. Plug picoFlamingo in your computer as an external hard drive and copy your presentation dragging and dropping files